15 Alternative Wedding Design Ideas That You’ll Love

Say goodbye to traditional wedding style and embrace modern and alternative elements to make your wedding beautifully unique! Here are our 15 favorite alternative wedding design ideas that you are sure to love.

Cotton Candy Bouquets

We are in love with these alternative cotton candy bouquets! Whether you call it cotton candy, candy floss, or fairy floss, there is no denying that this sugary dessert is damn adorable! And modern brides agree. Replacing the traditional floral bouquet with the spun sugar treat makes for extra sweet pictures. The only question left to answer is whether your whole bridal party will carry the candy floss or you’ll save it all for yourself!

Alice in Wonderland

Do you love tea parties, outrageous hats, and croquet? If you answered yes to any of these questions, an Alice in Wonderland theme might be perfect for your wedding. This theme is easily scalable, from adding whimsical touches in the form of clocks, teacups cut in half, and rabbits peeking behind corners, to a full out Wonderland experience, including costumes, oversized floral pieces, and even a jabberwocky cake. Regardless, you’ll need lots of tiny cakes, “drink me” cocktails, and playing cards strewn about. Whether your vibe is more Lewis Carroll or Tim Burton, there is no doubt that this theme is magical.

Champagne Bar

Break out the bubbly for this sparkling touch that is sure to amuse your guests! Set up bottles of champagne with fruits, orange juice, and other mixers to create this Instagrammable and delicious moment.


Octogenerian Flower Girls

When you think of flower girls, the first thing you think of is little girls in pretty dresses. This new trend takes that standard and flips it on its head, but it’s definitely still adorable! Modern brides are changing the traditional narrative by inviting their grandmothers (and sometimes their great-grandmothers) to preface them down the aisle.  This tradition is perfect for brides without small children in their families, or those who are really close with their grandmothers. I, for one, hope that this amazing trend catches on.

Unusual Centerpieces

We are seeing more and more unique ideas creep into centerpiece design & some of them are simply amazing!  Forget vases or some candles, these ideas are next level.  Including hot air balloons, tee pee stands, animal figurines, bell jars & even origami.

It just goes to show that no idea is off limits & really when it’s done well, the sky’s the limit for theming and decorating your big day.

Snack Bars

If your favorite part of a wedding is the free food, this trend is perfect for you! 2020 menus will be as unique and full of personality as the rest of the events they’ll be featured in. Say goodbye to chicken or fish, because 2020 weddings will feature more personal options, like food trucks of delectable street food, snacking tables to graze on all night, and an upscale, but low maintenance bar to keep the reception party going all night. For a unique twist on easy food, why not consider a grilling station or a slow cooked brisket.

Classic Blue

According to Pantone’s Color Institute, the color of 2020 is classic blue. This cool and classic color is perfect for weddings, and we love incorporating it into the design details.  You can just have pops of the deep blue on your invitations, cake design and napkins or you can go bigger with flowers & tablecloths, the choice is yours!

Creative Backdrop

Finding the perfect ceremony backdrop is no easy task, but keeping in mind your theme, colors, and personal interests is sure to give you the best result. We love this creative backdrop made of vintage picture frames and floating lights, for a really ethereal and minimalist look.

It’s easy to add some modern touches with a mesh screen covered in flowers or go really bold with colourful parasols!


Themed Centerpieces

When it comes to wedding themes we would need to write a novel to cover them all so really it comes down to yourself & your partner.  If there’s something you both love then it’s easy to find inspiration on how to incorporate that theme into every part of the wedding.

When it comes to centerpieces, this is where you can really let your creativity shine!  Think about less literal ways to represent your theme so that it’s more of a romantic statement than a fancy dress party.


Our personal favourite:

Going Green

Modern weddings aren’t just about looking good, but about being good too. Environmentally conscious brides are pushing a waste-free wedding. The Green Bride Guide estimates that the average wedding produces 400 lbs of garbage, much of it non-recyclable plastic. By using recyclable paper for your save-the-dates, invitations, RSVP cards, and endless envelopes, cutting down on single use items during the reception, and using solar or LED lighting, 2020 weddings will make a push for eco-friendly events.

To go green for your wedding, prioritize using local or organic ingredients, go paperless as much as possible, and provide finger foods or reusable utensils, plates, and napkins for dinner.

Fun Photo Booth

Preserving the memories of your big day is priority number one, and giving your guests a convenient place to take their own pictures is a great, low stress way to do that. This vintage camper is adorable, and a fun, unique touch for your reception.

Bold Statement Pieces

Adding a bold statement décor piece is a gorgeous way to incorporate your wedding color into your holistic design. This blue rose petal curtain is a beautiful incorporation of the color and is a detail that your guests are sure to remember.

Charity Favors

Traditional wedding favors, such as glasses, chocolates, and soaps are falling out of style as ceremonies scale back and brides begin to refocus on personalized and unique touches in all aspects of the planning. Instead of a small item guests will probably forget about in a month, modern wedding favors focus on meaning.

A 2020 trend we love is giving back to your community by offering a donation in your guest’s name to a charity that means something to you. The trend of giving back has inspired other favor trends, like tree replanting and food drive contributions. Many brides will choose to have a small card outlining the donation at each place setting to keep as a memento.

Old School Glamour

If your dream wedding is full of glitz and glamour, it might be the perfect opportunity to throw on a flapper dress and Charleston the night away. Whether you are a great lover of early American history, a classic literature aficionado, or just a lover of champagne and giant party, you are sure to have your perfect party with this theme. To really get into the vibes, use gold and white accents liberally, add lots of feathers and beads to your décor, and don’t forget some art deco centerpieces. Your guests will love the roaring 20’s theme, and we just love the commitment to the era.

Light It Up!

What’s the point of beautiful décor if you don’t have beautiful lights to match? Unique lighting enhances every setting to make even a drab space look enchanting and elegant. Fairy lights have been a staple of weddings in the 2010s, but 2020 lighting will include an array of lighting, classic and modern. Vintage lighting brings an antique vibe to your reception, and candles set a warm, cozy mood.

Using the natural surroundings of your building or outdoor space is going to help guide your lighting choices. Whether it be string lights in the rafters or hanging Edison bulbs from vaulting tree branches, enhancing your space is the next big thing in wedding lighting, and décor in general.


We love these cool and unique twists to the traditional wedding, and we hope that one of these great ideas inspired you! In all of your wedding decisions, be sure to be true to yourself and your interests, and your wedding will be one to remember in the best possible way.