8 Creative Centrepiece Ideas (And They’re All Stunning)

Creating a unified theme for your wedding is difficult, but one of the most important decorative elements is undoubtedly the centrepieces.

Boldly positioned in the middle of each table, this is a key way to showcase your theme, wow guests & add a statement piece throughout the venue.

So whether you like to go big or keep it low key, here are 8 creative and stunning centrepiece ideas for your wedding.

Floating Centrepieces

We are in love with these whimsical floating centrepieces!

Hot air balloons, suspended floral arrangements, or even floating lanterns or candles.

This unique element adds a bit of magic to your wedding, and it is a really beautiful way to bring the table-space together.

Floral Arrangement Under Glass

If your wedding is of the fairy tale theme, this enchanting floral arrangement covered by a glass cloche.

This style is endlessly scalable, from a mini version serving as a place card to a large centrepiece overflowing with flowers and greenery.

Adding moss or vines introduces a really beautiful, natural element that can be a universal element in your overall design.


This ancient Japanese folded paper technique opens up a world of beautiful centrepieces, in the form of flowers, animals, or gems.

One of our favourite styles is this origami tree with hanging origami birds.

These elements can be found in every element of your wedding, and the style is special because they, unlike flowers, can be taken home and kept by your guests.


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Do you have a timeless love?

Shuck the modern styling and embrace the palaeolithic!

To achieve this ancient look, try spray painting some discount store dinosaur toys and placing them in the centre of the table.

You can also draw some numbers on them to use as place markers, or stick them to the top of foliage or light filled glass jars.

Arrange Roses on a Tiered Cake Stand

This timeless centrepiece can be adjusted for any theme.

Roses are a staple of wedding decor, and this layered look makes for a beautiful central element of your tables.

Whether you prefer a more structured look or a wild, greens filled bouquet, this centrepiece adds a spot of romance in every wedding.


Simple Geometrics

If your wedding leans more on the simple side, try this understated geometric look, full of blooms and greenery.

This element fits great with any colour scheme and looks amazing on every table.

This simple touch juxtaposes free flowing florals with structured lines to create a truly enchanting look.

Embrace metallics (we love the rose gold shown here) to add a classy touch to an otherwise busy decor scheme.


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Literary Love

If your love mirrors the great love stories of history (or you’re an English major) you’ll love this literature themed centrepiece.

Stack your favourite titles paired with contained candles, epic quotes in beautiful calligraphy, and of course, lots of flowers to achieve this cultured focal piece.


One of our favourite trends in modern weddings is the communal long tables for the reception.

To class up this style, use a rich velvet table runner paired with gold or silver candle holders and a well put together tablescape for a deceptively simple and effortlessly decadent styling.



From the simplicity of draping fabric to the intricacy of origami, make your wedding stand out with one of these stunning centrepieces!

No matter your style, having the perfect accent will make your wedding really stand out, and you can’t go wrong with any of these options.