Virtual Wedding Design for the World We Live in Today

So what exactly is Virtual Wedding Design?

We take all your design ideas from flowers to chairs, napkins, table numbers, lighting & everything between, then set them up in 3D in the wedding venue.

Simply put, we set up the wedding ceremony or reception in 3D. The end result is a completely photo-realistic, high resolution image that shows how the wedding will look on the day.

Due to high demand, we have added in 3D table design as well. This is where we set up one table with every single design detail.  Think charger plates, name cards, table numbers, specific cutlery, centrepieces etc. This ensures that all the small details come together to create a unified (and beautiful) end result.

There are three big questions when it comes to wedding design:

1.Do all the design choices work together?
2.Do they suit the venue?
3.Is the venue going to be under, or over decorated?

They are significant questions considering the budget being spent & the fact that once you see it on the wedding day, it is too late to make any changes.

There are so many benefits to 3D wedding design:

-Make informed decisions about decorations & layout
-Ensure budget is being spent where it has the greatest impact
-Keep all suppliers working off the exact image – florists, stylists, prop hire etc
-Make sure everyone’s expectations are aligned – ‘large centrepieces’, ‘an overload of flowers’, ‘twinkling lights everywhere’, all have a different meaning depending on who you ask

At less than 1% of the average wedding budget for a custom 3D venue design, it’s well worth making sure the vision matches reality BEFORE the big day.

ghillie dhu before virtual wedding design
ghillie dhu 3D virtual wedding design reception

Think it’s not possible to plan a wedding in a world propped up by COVID-19 social distancing protocols? Think again with your very own Virtual Wedding Design.

While the ‘new normal’ isn’t exactly normal, it has presented a unique opportunity for timeworn wedding planning and design practices to be finally dropped in favour of some much needed tech-driven upgrades.

This is where Ivory Fyre steps in. Our pioneering virtual wedding design technology means that even if stay-at-home restrictions means you can’t move far from your sofa, you can still plan for a fabulous big day.

An Innovative Tech Solution

the ned, london before 3D virtual wedding design
the ned london 3D virtual wedding design

Ivory Fyre was conceived as an innovative tech solution for many modern-day couples who want full control over the design and style of their wedding.

But it offers much more than that.

With your own account log-in allowing you to track your order and keep tabs on your design 24/7, you also get to design the wedding of your dreams no matter where you are in the world, on your time, in your way…and without having to endure a slew of trips to your reception space in the process.

How Our Virtual Wedding Design Works

turon gates blue mountains wedding venue
turon gates, blue mountains, sydney. 3D wedding venue design render

The Ivory Fyre design tech may be breaking new ground but the concept is really simple.

It works by building a 3D rendering of a couple’s chosen venue, then carefully adding in each single element from floor plan to furniture, linens to lighting design, drapes, flowers, centrepieces, and everything in-between.

Seeing the Big Day BEFORE the Big Day

ghillie dhu edinburgh ceremony wedding venue
ghillie dhu ceremony, 3D virtual wedding venue design render

Many brides and grooms-to-be know exactly what they want on their big day down to the final place-card. Others are less certain about their overall creative vision. Either way, we can virtually design and plan your reception rooms to detailed specifications, or use your simple suggestions to create a photo-realistic design of a wedding sure to wow.

The big benefit of this is that it gives couples a unique chance to check the design of their dream wedding for any flaws BEFORE the big day actually happens.

Knowing your wedding is going to turn out exactly as you planned it doesn’t just make the whole process less stressy, it also makes it much more personal.  Which, you know, is really what your wedding should be.

Minimising Third-Party Misunderstandings

light space brisbane wedding venue
light space virtual wedding planners

It also minimises the possibility of venues, wedding stylists, and suppliers misunderstanding your exact style and design requirements. After all, if there’s a precise 3D rendering of the final look and vision in front of them, it’s hard to make big bloopers.

Keeping Control of Your Budget

mar hall glasgow wedding venue
mar hall glasgow, 3D virtual wedding venue design render

Another perk of this innovative technology is the opportunity it allows to keep control of an often-shifting wedding budget.

A full-service wedding designer can empty your wallet of any amount up to €5000. And you might still end up feeling that your wedding style or specific theme didn’t quite look like you’d hoped or imagined.

Ivory Fyre pulls all your Pin-tastic ideas together to give you a complete visual image of your creative vision. That puts the control of implementing the design – and décor budget – back in your hands.

Because when you can see exactly what your big day looks like, you can also see where savings can be made on overall design and decoration.

Pricing Options

That brings us to our own costs. There are several pricing options to choose from, but all are pretty competitive.

As vital as it is to get your vision for the day right, we know you’d still rather drop your hard-earned dough on quality linens and conspicuous centrepieces.

That’s why we’ve extended our services, starting with a more wallet-friendly, complete 3D rendering of single table set-up to a precise virtual walk-through of an entire custom design.

customised 3D virtual wedding table design render
customised 3D virtual wedding table design render

Create a stunning table design, complete with linens, cutlery, stemware, plates, place-cards, centrepieces, and anything else you need to see to the style that suits you best.

london warehouse wedding venue design
jj perseverance london 3D virtual wedding venue design render

Whether you’re looking for something simple or spectacular, our expert designers will take your theme ideas and devise a dream wedding inspired by your suggestions.

mono museum wedding venue tasmania
mona museum tasmania, 3D virtual wedding design render

This package is for the couples who know exactly what they’d like in every area of their wedding – but want to see it all come together.

We can build every element of your dream design from room layout and lighting to colours and chair types with tie-backs.

Planning a wedding is one of the most exhilarating, enjoyable and – yep – exhausting times of your life. But in a post-coronavirus world, you don’t need to make it even more challenging.

Truth is, Ivory Fyre’s virtual wedding design tech was set to shake up the world of wedding design before COVID-19 turned all our lives upside down. But we’re just as excited today to be at the forefront of offering a completely new wedding design experience for a completely new way of living.

3D virtual wedding table design render
3d virtual wedding table design render

If you’re ready to see your big day, before the big day, you can get started now!